Glen Viljoen


Happy New Year for 2012

“Art is the bias essence that prescribes emotional pleasure and displeasure toward all things. In the eye of the beginner there are many stimulants to direct the imagination, to condemn or revere. The tainted eye, mercilessly selective.

Art is always permeating, compelling us to learn and to see again. A visual harmonious intuition subtle enough to act upon.”

About me

Zimbabwean born painter/illustrator and designer Glen Viljoen follows his personal and innate creative impulse through a display of line and an audaciously unashamed colour palette. Working across realistic, abstract, stylized and representational styles...

His dynamic nudes, express symbolic qualities through bold shapes, tones and gesture. Each composition, intentionally emotional, displaying energy and presence. Using brushes and palette knives, each stroke creating unique and unpredictable interest beyond the works’ powerful figurative subjects. The contrasting styles used in these works are a sharp revolt against the artist’s commercial illustration work:

The wildlife images are a reflection of the artist’s African heritage. His animals are painted in both a classical style with incredible accuracy and in a contemporary and conflicting style which evokes an overwhelming sense of the great Dark Continent. His wildlife paintings procure a strong focal point using space, composition, and light and dark.

His most recent move toward abstract works' are a chaotic orgy of colours, shapes and textures. A necessary appeal to the senses.

At present he currently works and resides in Ventabren in the south of France.


Email :
Telephone : +33 (0)6 86 314 301


"Commission work is an honour and a privilege. Painted or drawn. I look forward to creating something that is exceptional and unique with each piece."

For pricing, image specifications and/or delivery, email me to discuss your creative needs.


Ventabren Marché de Noël

Ninth, group exhibition
France 2011

Islington Contemporary Art & Design Fair

Eighth, group exhibition
Candid Arts Trust,
London, UK 2011

Rognes Marché Artisanal

Seventh, group exhibition
France 2011


Sixth, solo exhibition
Set club, Aix-en-Provence,
France 2011


Fifth, curated group exhibition
The London Boxing Academy,
London, UK 2008


Fourth, solo exhibition
Coningsby Gallery,
London, UK 2007

Social Diversity

Third, joint exhibition
Arlington Gallery,
London, UK 2006

Ethereal Beauties

Second, solo exhibition
Adams Street,
London, UK 2006

A volatile inclination toward
subject, colour and texture

First, solo exhibition
Woburn Gallery,
London, UK 2006